Maverick Moments: these are unorthodox men and women | Photo: Maverick Moments

The dictionary tells us that a maverick is "an unorthodox or independent-minded person." The new series "Maverick Moments" follows big wave surfers as they risk their lives in search of fame and recognition.

If you're a big wave surfing fan, you'll love it.

"Maverick Moments" rides the highest surf line to unveil how big wave chargers balance their personal lives with their passion for riding the biggest waves on the planet.

"Every episode highlights an amazing big wave location, its surfing history, and its unique culture.

Athletes include Nic Lamb, Andres Flores, Anthony Tashnick, Ken Collins, Shane Dorian, Greg Long, Garrett McNamara, and more," explains Rocky Romano, the director behind "Maverick Moments."

The series, filmed in 4K resolution, combine exclusive behind-the-scenes looks into the surfers' lives, stunning footage from the world's biggest swells, and the sacrifices they make for big wave surfing.

A portion of all "Maverick Moments" merchandise sales is used to support the athletes and film crew that travel the world searching for the most incredible peaks.

The project is led by The Go Big Project and will premiere in the fall of 2015.

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