Mavericks Invitational joins the Big Wave World Tour

July 26, 2012 | Surfing
Mavericks Invitational: get ready for high adrenaline

The Mavericks Invitational 2012/2013 will be opening the contest season on the 1st November, off Pillar Point, in Half Moon Bay, California.

"It looks like we are headed for an early winter, and we want to take advantage of the big swells in November," explains Mavericks Pioneer Jeff Clark, part of a group of business and community leaders organizing the event.

"The surfers are ready, the community is ready, and we are stoked to make this amazing event happen this year." The anticipation of big waves early in the season may well pump serious waves at the iconic break.

Jeff Clark and his team have also announced a partnership with the Big Wave World Tour, founded by famed big wave rider and shaper, Gary Linden.

"Big wave surfing and Mavericks have become synonymous, and a competition there a dream come true", said Linden, who has served as head judge for previous contests at Mavericks. "Being part of the event is an extreme honor, personally and for the Big Wave World Tour."

The tour showcases the world's top surfers and local standouts as they battle extreme conditions, and each other, in a season long battle to become the next Big Wave World Champion. The tour includes events in Chile, Peru, Mexico, and now in California.

The association with BWWT allows those surfers who are part of the tour to use their performance at Mavericks as part of their overall scoring for the season. The list of competitors for this year's Mavericks Invitational will not change from last season, when a lackluster winter dashed hopes for a contest.

"The competitors will still earn their way through dedication to surfing Mavericks, proving their mettle at Mavericks, and being voted into the event by their peers," said Clark.

"Gary Linden has experience at Mavericks, making it easy to integrate their judging system and water patrol into our event, while keeping true to the unique nature of Mavericks."

Mavericks Invitational challenges 24 most daring big-wave surfers in the world into an high adrenaline big wave surfing event that can only be enjoyed on the biggest and best day of the winter season.

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