Meg Roh completes 1095 consecutive days of surfing

June 3, 2014 | Surfing
Meg Roh: 1095 consecutive days of surfing

Meg Roh, a 15-year-old surfer, has completed 1095 consecutive days of surfing. In other words, three years of daily stoke.

The young wave rider from Dana Point began her challenge on the 1st June, 2011. Back then, her goal was to surf for 100 days, but she kept adding weeks and months to the record.

But there's more. Roh promised herself she had to catch, at least, five waves a day, which means she enjoyed no less than 5,475 rides. That's passion and discipline.

"It's definitely taught me that I can do any of the dreams I set my mind to," Meg Roh told OC Register, after successfully completing the third year of surfing, at San Onofre State Beach.

I think I'll keep going. I don't know, I haven't decided yet. Maybe I'll still surf a lot, but maybe not when it's raining super crazy. I want to surf every day this summer."

Dale Webster holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for surfing every day for 28 years. He has already met Roh, he hopes she breaks his record someday.

Meanwhile, Meg is already local star. Stickers that read "Meg Would Go" are already stamped in many San Clemente vans and surfboards.

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