Melbourne surfers eye Docklands wave pool

November 11, 2014 | Surfing
Melbourne: 1.5-meter waves in the Docklands heart | Photo: Damian Rogers

A group of investors has proposed the construction of an artificial wave pool at Docklands' Victoria Harbour in Melbourne.

Engineering firm Arup, alongside architect and surfer Damian Rogers, have unveiled plans to build an eight-million-dollar surf park off the end of Docklands Central Pier.

The project includes an artificial beach, heated and filtered salt water, lawn area, deck, shops, and 1.5-meter (4.9-foot) waves pumping down the line for 160 meters.

The wave pool is 30 meters wide.

Melbourne: waves will pump for 160 meters | Photo: Damian Rogers

"Just to be able to hear the waves breaking and go for a surf - even if you're not a surfer, to be able to sit there and watch it," notes Damian Rogers.

"The wave can be died down for multiple different user groups. It would just be a great place to be. Yet another great place for people in Melbourne to go."

Surfing Victoria has already given a thumbs up to the Melbourne surf park.

The project will seek additional investors and must get the seal of approval from Places Victoria and Melbourne City Council.