Messias Felix wins 2012 SATA Airlines Azores Pro

September 10, 2012 | Surfing
Messias Felix: silky wave face ahead in Azores

Messias Felix has conquered the SATA Airlines Azores Pro 2012, after defeating fellow Brazilian Wiggolly Dantas, in excellent 4-5Ft surf at Praia de Santa Bárbara, Sao Miguel, Azores.

Messias Felix had a slow start to his final bout only finding minor scores in the northern end of the competition area.

Things started looking up for the Brazilian at mid-heat when he took off on an intermediate lefthander and launched an impressive and high air-reverse to score a 7.93 and claim back the heat lead from Dantas.

With only ten minutes left in the final, Felix found a perfect righthander and put aside his air game for a more traditional powersurfing approach which was rewarded with a 7.00 point ride that gave him the heat lead and eventually the event win.

"I'm so tired right now and I can't really explain how I feel," Felix stated. "I'm over the moon you know, this is my first time winning a big Star event, and it was against my best friend Wiggolly, we're staying together here and always driving together to the beach in the car, etc"

"I just want to thank God for being here with me all the time and for looking after me and my family. I know everybody at home is probably watching this on the internet and they must go crazy there's going to be a party in Brazil right now !"

"I made a good air, and then I got this great right with a couple of turns! Now I'm just going to enjoy the Azores with all my friends and then I'm off to Pantin and the Canarias maybe, there's a good right and left there."

As opposed to most professional surfers who are travelling with a collection of several different boards, Felix has been showing up to the event's site every day with the same board he's been using for over a year now. All dented and yellowed by the long sun hours it has seen, his magic board has once again delivered for Felix in the final today.

"This board only touches the water for contests cause I know it's so easy to break, but I love it I've had it for a year and a half, and I think that's a lucky one ! I've had a great time here and  I want to thank my family, my sponsor Pena and everybody here for the support !"

Wiggolly Dantas is sitting in 40th position on the ASP Men's World Rankings, before competing here at the SATA Airlines Azores Pro. Hs second best result of the year and will move up to eye the qualification zone for the coveted ASP World Championship Tour.

"I drop a low result here and replace it with a good result so now I'm getting closer to the World Tour qualification, and I'm just going to have to stay focused for the next event in the Canary Islands and later the Primes in Hawaii!".

SATA Airlines Azores Pro 2012 | Final

1. Messias Felix (BRA) 14.93
2. Wiggolly Dantas (BRA) 13.27