Micah Byrne: the boss of the Billabong roster

Micah Byrne has been announced as the new Billabong surf team manager. He will provide an elite surf program for its athletes.

Micah Byrne has extensive experience as a professional surfer and as the current assistant coach for the USA Surfing America Team.

He is a four-time NSSA national champion; he won the Vans Pier Classic (2008), Macy's Trifecta Series (2009), and the Surf Ride Freedom Series (2010).

"I'm super excited to be part of the Billabong family once again. They were my first apparel sponsor when I was 9 years old, basically jump-starting my surf career, which has led me to where I am today", reveals Byrne.

"Their surf team is super diverse and second to none, filled with many amazing surfers, some of who I know, and others who I look forward to meeting."

Micah Byrne will be based at Billabong's USA headquarters in Orange County, California, and will travel to competitive events and photo trips as part of his team manager duties.

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