Michael Dunphy and Charlotte Hand win 2009 Starfish Surf Series

August 21, 2009 | Surfing

Volcom Stone's Starfish Surf Series at Huntington Beach

Once again the Starfish Surf Series was dominated by the Groms. The beach sign-ups consisted of 80 little rascals charging the tents to be the first ones to put their name down. When sign-ups ended there were over 200 competitors frothing to get in the contest.

We nearly got every competitor in and with a full day ahead of us as the kids hit the water, the beach antics began and it was time to get the show on the road. 

By the end of the day, estrogen levels were at an all time high, so we knew it was time for the Girls final. Anissa Galndo and Leah Pakpour seemed to be in the right place at the right time and capitalized on it first thing.

However, in the end it wouldn't be enough as Kulia Doherty and Charlotte Head jockied for the win and Charlotte would come out on top. She walked away with the win, a Rivera skateboard and a backpack full of goods. Rounding out the final was Anisssa Galindo, Leah Pakpour, Danielle Wyman and Karina Rozunko.

The dodgeball and the watermelon eating was only the beginning for these super energetic groms as they kicked and scratched their way into the lineup for the final.

Colin Moran and Colin Devize took the early rounds with ease, but both ran out of gas in the final. Little dude Kei Kobayashi looked solid through out the day, but it was another grom of small stature that destroyed the competition.

Kanoa Igarashi had the right combination and came up with the win, a new Volcom Beach cruiser, Vestal watch and plenty of other prizes to fill up the back of the family station wagon. Martin Jeri and Matt Passiquinidici rounded out the final.

Once the Groms exited the water it was the Juniors turn to battle it out. Pedro Husadel and Shayne Nelson looked hungry like the wolf as they were paddling into the line up. Shayne had a huge backhand bash to start it of right then came Eric Heimstaedt with his fluid style which murdered the open face.

Pedro answered back but in the clutch Christian Saenz blew the lid off a right hander to win the final, a heap of goodies and 1000 points toward qualifying for 2010 VQS champs.

As the day came to the end, the Pro-Am final delivered the final blows. The finalist all had equal amount of HB pier experience as they each chose their spot to attack. Macy Mullen, Robert Patterson, and Teddy Navarro chose to bunch up next to the pier, which had its moments, but would end up to be the dagger in their sides.

Ford Archbold had a stylish switch stance turn in the shorebreak earlier, but it was his carving 360 which won the Electric Volt Thrower move of the event and a sweet 50 bucks. The final was a well played poker match between Brandon Guilmette and Michael Dunphy.

Guilmette seemed to be in control of the heat, but Michael called his bluff and ran away with the heat winning left hander as he destroyed it all the way to the beach, which make him $500 richer and left Guilmette wondering what happened. Macy Mullen, Teddy Navarro, Ford Archbold, and Robert Patterson rounded out the final.


1. Michael Dunphy $500
2. Brandon Guilmette
3. Macy Mullen
4. Teddy Navarro
5. Ford Archbold
6. Robert Patterson

1. Christian Saenz
2. Pedro Husadel
3. Eric Heimstaedt
4. Shayne Nelson
5. Evan Kane
6. Bobby Okvist

1. Kanoa Igarashi
2. Matt Passaquindici
3. Martin Jeri
4. Kei Kobayashi
5. Colin Devize
6. Colin Moran

1. Charlotte Hand
2. Kulia Doherty
3. Anisssa Galindo
4. Leah Pakpour
5. Danielle Wyman
6. Karina Rozunko