Michael Dunphy seals historic victory at the Vans Pro 2014

August 25, 2014 | Surfing
Michael Dunphy: breaking the 1981 spell at Virginia Beach | Photo: ASP/John Ferguson

Michael Dunphy stole the Vans Pro 2014, at Virginia Beach, USA.

The local star claimed the Men's final against Deivid Silva, Luke Davis and Hiroto Arai, in demanding three-to-four foot waves at 1st Jetty.

Despite the non-stop exchanges of long rides and connecting turns all the way to the beach, Dunphy's opponents weren't able to equal his right-hander scored at 8.57.

"I was just really relaxed all week and stayed calm in the final, knowing that I could win if I got the right waves. To win in front of my friends and my family when I've been doing this contest for so long, is the best feeling ever," noted Michael Dunphy.

"It's crazy. Last year I was putting so much pressure on myself, and I didn't get the results. So this year I have just been trying to relax and have fun with it, and it's been working. I am just so stoked I don't even want to leave the beach right now."

Dunphy is the first Virginia Beach native to win the East Coast Surfing Championships in 33 years since Wes Laine won back in 1981.

Kaito Kino conquered the Vans Pro Junior 2014, with a solid 16.67 two-wave total in the final, scoring a 9.50 on a big right-hander where he blasted three powerful turns out the back.

"I'm so stoked; that was insane. I just felt in rhythm in the Final and waves kept coming to me. I wasn't sure how I was doing because I couldn't hear anything with the wind, but I knew I had one good wave, and then at the end I just heard that I got first," revealed Kino.

Vans Pro 2014 Final
1. Michael Dunphy (USA) 17.50
2. Deivid Silva (BRA) 15.10
3. Luke Davis (USA) 13.87
4. Hiroto Arai (JPN) 12.20

Vans Pro Junior 2014 Final
1. Kaito Kino (HAW) 16.67
2. Cooper Chapman (AUS) 14.17
3. Luke Gordon (USA) 10.70
4. Victor Bernardo (BRA) 5.74

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