Mike Stewart: he has 16 Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic titles in his trophy room

Mike Stewart has taken out the 2020 Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic, held at Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii.

The nine-time world bodyboarding champion smashed his opponents in the final with a near-perfect 9.50-point wave backed up by a 7.17-point score.

At the age of 56, Stewart claimed the 16th Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic title of his career.

The event ran its 44th edition and got 60 athletes competing in four-to-six-foot waves and strong trade winds.

Mark Cunningham, Dave Hubbard, Mark Drewelow, Keith Malloy, Kalani Lattanzi, and Timothy Hamilton were some of the names involved in the contest.

Who's This Kelly Slater Guy?

And a man called Kelly Slater. For those who have never heard of this bodysurfer, he is an 11-time world surfing champion from Florida.

Slater won his first heat against Todd Sells, Dave Hubbard, Mike Pietsch, Vytas Baskauskas, and Geoff Gregor and placed second in the second round.

He missed out on making the semifinals on point count but ended up finishing in ninth place. Not bad at all.

The event adopted a round-robin tournament format to allow everyone to get two shots at the Pipeline, with only eight securing a spot in the semifinals.

The Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic started in February 1971, and it actually precedes surfing's iconic Pipeline Masters.

It is the longest-running event taking place on the North Shore of Oahu.

Kelly Slater: the Floridian surfer competed at the 2020 Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic | Photo: Patrice Grieumard

2020 Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic | Results

1. Mike Stewart, 16.67
2. Arthur Picard, 11.33
3. Chris Kalima, 8.17
4. Craig Watson, 6.13

Leaderboard | Top 10 (Four Best Waves)
1. Mike Stewart, 28.90
2. Dylan Biggerstaff, 27.24
3. Arthur Picard, 25.73
4. Craig Watson, 23.77
5. Todd Sells, 23.41
6. Chris Kalima, 23.03
7. Timothy Hamilton, 22.89
8. Dave Hubbard, 22.83
9. Kelly Slater, 22.50
10. Joel Badina, 22.13

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