2014 European Championships in Stationary Wave Riding: Munich is a surfing paradise

Lukas Brunner has prevailed in the 2014 European Championships in Stationary Wave Riding, held in Munich, Germany.

This is more than just a simple surfing contest. Imagine you're arriving in Munich, a landlocked city located in the heart of Europe, and you find surfers riding waves by the airport.

You're not dreaming; you're right in front of the European Championships in Stationary Wave Riding. In 2014, more than 140 surfers dove into the surf pool to compete in the jet stream of water.

And as you might know, the Munich Airport Center (MAC) is not the only surf spot in the city. The Eisbach river wave is the most popular surf spot in the region and has been attracting surfers from all corners of the globe for quite a while.

Lukas Brunner managed to drive his surfboard to victory in the Men's division. Karina Rankine won the Women's title, Robert Beetz took the Masters' trophy, and Noah Beschen stole the Groms' division.

2014 European Championships in Stationary Wave Riding | Results

1. Lukas Brunner
2. Gerry Schlegel
3. Jan Vogt
4. Tao Schirrmacher

1. Karina Rankine
2. Stephanie Pirron
3. Kathrin Gappmayr
4. Angelina Schülting

1. Robert Beetz
2. Fritz Hollweck
3. Alex Schwab
4. Markus Knöringer

1. Noah Beschen
2. Moritz Wienecke
3. Simon Bitterlich
4. Maxi Löschke

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