Marama Kake: the naked surfer is shy | Photo: Megan Slade/Courier Mail

Surfers are known for their love and passion for Mother Nature. Ocean, sand, salt, and waves are always in contact with the human body, and many riders think life is better in boardshorts.

Marama Kake, a surfer from New Zealand, has been taking the relationship with the elements too seriously.

She has been attracting the curious eyes of beachgoers because she likes to go surfing completely naked.

Yes, Kake takes her surfboard to the sand and hits the waves exactly how she arrived in this world. No bikini, just a smile and stoke.

The Sunshine Coast local boardriders thought it was strange, but now they're used to "it."

Noosa has a new surf star.

The Sustainability Suit

Marama Kake, a 32-year-old purist, has been nicknamed "The Naked Surfer" and rides an eco-friendly surfboard, such as a timber alaia.

She wants to promote sustainability in surfing and in our lives.

"I'm not out there to get everyone to look at me. I just love the sensation and simplicity of surfing in my 'sustainability suit.' I cover up or paddle away if I am anywhere near children and have never had any trouble with lifeguards or authorities", says Marama Kake.

"The Naked Surfer" says she has been surfing this way for years in Australia and New Zealand.

"It changes the mood very quickly and cuts through the aggression that is finding its way to busy point breaks. It's a sure-fire cure for wave rage," she joked.

Here's why naked surfing can be a wonderful experience.

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