Nazaré will host the 2016 Perfect Chapter

December 16, 2015 | Surfing
Praia do Norte, Nazaré: the new home of the Perfect Chapter | Photo: Estrelinha/CMN

The fifth edition of the Allianz Perfect Chapter will be held in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal.

The tube riding event will feature 16 surfers competing against each other in one of the heaviest surf breaks in the planet. The first names in the list are Bruno Santos and Bruno Grilo.

"Praia do Norte totally fits the event's format and has been under the spotlights for quite a while now. Everyone knows the place for its giant perfect waves, but it also gets hollow and perfect on a 6-8 feet swell. It will for certain be a mind-blowing show and one of the best Perfect Chapter editions so far," says Santos, who won the contest in 2015.

Surf fans have picked which athletes will compete in the event. The organizers of the annual barrel fest have decided to relocate the Portuguese contest to Nazaré, after four successful runs in Peniche and Cascais.

"It's time to turn the page. In 2016 we are moving to the most famous Portuguese beach in the world, promoting it as an exciting destination for regular surfers and pursuing our goal of internationalizing the event more and more," adds Rui Costa, director of the Perfect Chapter.

The 2016 Allianz Perfect Chapter has a waiting period of two months (January 17th to March 17th). All competitors will be notified 72 hours before, if the event is called on.

Perfect Chapter 20016 | Invitees

Portuguese Surfers

Nic von Rupp
Tiago Pires
João Guedes
Francisco Alves
Miguel Blanco
Alex Botelho

International Surfers

Bruce Irons
Pedro Vianna "Scooby"
Miguel Tudela
Marco Giorgi
Damien Hogbood
Bobby Martinez


Ruben Gonzalez
Koa Rothman

Capitulo Perfeito/Perfect Chapter | List of Winners

2015: Bruno Santos
2014: Nicolau Von Rupp
2013: Nicolau Von Rupp
2012: Tiago Pires

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