New giant swell heading towards Europe

October 29, 2013 | Surfing
Wave Height Forecast: Portugal, Ireland, Spain and France eye giant swell

Big wave surfers are eyeing a giant swell which will hit Ireland and Portugal in the first days of November.

Mullaghmore and Nazaré will get a second chance to chase the 100-foot wave, as two large swells prepare to hit the coasts of Ireland and Portugal, between October 31st and November 4th, 2013.

The thunderous break of Mullaghmore, in County Sligo, Ireland, may raise the red alert in the early hours of the 31st October, 2013. The powerful swell will also extend to the Scottish waters.

Nazaré, who has been fired up and pumping world record waves, will offer a second chance to the fearless big wave riders. If you've never seen Praia do Norte on a XXL day, head to Praia do Norte between November 3rd-4th, 2013.

Belharra and big wave surf spots located in the North of Spain may also pump heavy walls of energy, at lunch time, on the 3rd November. Stay tuned.

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