DreamWorks Water Park: now hosting a wave pool powered by PerfectSwell | Photo: Seth Stafford/AWM

American Wave Machines will debut their compact indoor wave pool at the DreamWorks Water Park in New Jersey.

The company technology will put PerfectSwell to the test in a relatively limited area - 1.5 acres - located inside the American Dream mall.

The surfing structure will produce a playful air section and a sandbar-like wedge and will give cold water surfers of the East Coast a place to surf when the air and water temperatures drop.

Four surfers had the opportunity to give it a go before the artificial wave pool opened to the local community. Cruz Dinofa, Rob Kelly, Pat Schmidt, and Quincy Davis were pleased with the experience.

"PerfectSwell did it again. This time, it's open year-round, it's heated, and it's at a driving distance from my house. I had such an epic time - I must be dreaming!" expressed Dinofa.

The DreamWorks Water Park will also feature more than 40 water slides and 15 attractions, including a lazy river and the world's tallest indoor body slide.

"The whole experience of surfing indoors through crystal-clear water is really cool. It's awesome to see this technology fit into the footprint of the waterpark at the mall. It's going to be fun having this spot to hit some ramps in board shorts all year long in the northeast," added Kelly.

American Dream: the New Jersey mall has an compact indoor wave pool producing a playful air section and a sandbar-like wedge | Photo: Seth Stafford/AWM

A Wave Pool Inside a $5 Billion Mall

The DreamWorks Water Park will be PerfectSwell's second installation. The first of its kind is already available at the BSR Surf Resort in Waco, Texas.

"Crystal clear indoor wedges in New Jersey? Why not. Thanks for letting me get involved in the first session to go down. There will be many more mid-winter sessions in trunks on the horizon!" said Schmidt.

"It was my first time surfing indoors, and I had so much fun testing out the new wave pool. We got dreamy little blue peaks. I'm definitely pretty excited to surf mid-winter in a bikini. I don't chill with the 5mm!" concluded Davis.

American Dream will open its doors to the public in December 2019. It's a $5 billion in which 55 percent of the area corresponds to entertainment and dining, and 45 percent is allocated to retail.

The DreamWorks Water Park will be the second-largest indoor water park on the planet, right after the Tropical Islands Resort, located in Krausnick, Germany.

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