New study wants to understand how boardsports address sustainability

November 13, 2017 | Surfing
Surfing: how does the surf industry address sustainability? | Photo: Nitta/Creative Commons

Surfdome and Plymouth Sustainability and Surfing Research Group (PSSRG) have teamed up to study the boardsports market's attitude towards sustainability.

Boardsports brands, like most of the fashion, apparel, and sports goods market operate in a fast-paced marketplace and have the ability to alter their proposition from season to season.

With attitudes changing towards product and brand offering sustainability credentials, perhaps in part due to readily available information and increased awareness, the demand for board sports brands to limit their effect on the environment is particularly high.

Consumers have an ever-increasing appreciation for the outdoor environment, often relying on natural areas to enjoy their chosen sporting discipline.

Brands within the board sports industry propose to be leading in some areas, catching up with others and seemingly lacking in many, particularly when compared with the exemplary outdoor market.

The research will seek to establish the industry's current attitude towards sustainability, its understanding of current issues, outlook and plans to limit their businesses impact on them.

It hopes to highlight areas where the industry outperforms others and encourage progress in areas that it underperforms.

"This is an exciting opportunity to explore the sustainability positions of a large number of brands within the surf, skate and snow sector," underlines Gregory Borne director of PSSRG.

"The research will provide a benchmark for exploring sustainability within this sector and directly inform policies and programs that will shape the future of the market, and understand what is required for a transition towards sustainability."

The relationship between PSSRG and Surfdome is a mutually beneficial arrangement that sees sharing of information, access to the markets and its audience. All with the aim of driving sustainability in surfing and associated sports going forward.

"This research will help us understand where to focus future efforts. It's paramount our market tread lightly on the natural areas we rely on for the activities we enjoy," adds Adam Hall, Head of Sustainability at Surfdome.

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