New Zealand sets big wave invitational for Bog Works

January 13, 2012 | Surfing
Taranaki Big Wave Invitational: Bog Works is not a cartoon wave

The Surfing Taranaki Bog Works Big Wave Invitational will hit the shores of New Zealand, from February 7th, through a 24 week waiting period window until July 24th.

"Although by no means are we attempting to emulate Waimea Bay´s Eddie Aikau Memorial competition, we have taken some inspiration from this event and hope to create our own little bit of magic right here in Taranaki for New Zealander's to take part in and enjoy", says Craig Williamson, Executive Officer of Surfing Taranaki.

New Zealand's only big wave surf competition will be surfed at a surfbreak called Bog Works, 300m off the coast near the centre of New Plymouth.

"Our Big Wave Invitational is part of the new-look NZ Surf Festival, but because it requires very specific climatic conditions and therefore a very long waiting period, it will take place either before or after the festival itself. That said, we are hoping it will act as a precursor to the main events and will give everyone something to get excited about right away", explains Mike Hareb, the organization's manager.

The Surfing Taranaki Bog Works Big Wave Invitational demands, at least, a 4-metre swell with an offshore wind to be contested. The best big wave surfers in New Zealand will fight for $5000 prize purse.

Jarred Hancox, the 2010 New Zealand senior surfing champion and Taranaki local, is one of the favorites to conquer the inaugural Surfing Taranaki Bog Works Big Wave Invitational.

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