Nicolas Marusa and Laura Haustein crowned 2019 Rapid Surf League champions

September 18, 2019 | Surfing
Nicolas Marusa: the 2019 Rapid Surf League champion | Photo: Fitz/RSL

The second edition of the Rapid Surf League has come to an end.

The stationary wave riding season concluded with the Rip Curl Langenfeld Pro, held at the Unit Surf Pool, in the heart of Germany.

Expert riders arrived highly motivated from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Their goal was to reach as far as possible into the cut-to-call final.

In the men's division, things were relatively clear from the get-go.

With three first places, Nicolas Marusa made it easy to determine the winner of the 2019 Pure Surf Camps Rapid Surf League title.

"In Bratislava, everything worked out for me. The wave is tricky, so I realized that in that situation, it's all about having fun in the surf. And it worked out!" said Marusa.

Laura Haustein: throwing bucket of spray at the 2019 Rip Curl Langenfeld Pro | Photo: Fitz/RSL

A Tight Battle

In the women's division, the competition was fierce. Rosina Neuerer won the last event of the stationary wave riding circuit with her incredibly dynamic frontside rail game, as well as creative carve, snap, roundhouse and reverse combinations.

She's an absolute powerhouse that will certainly make a splash in the upcoming season.

Janina Zeitler struggled to impose her rhythm in the first round but was able to progress through to the final.

Laura Haustein, the newly-crowned champion, kicked off the year with a third-place finish at the Jochen Schweizer Arena Pro, a victory at the Riot River stage, and another third place at Langenfeld.

"I still can't believe it. I was on the podium in all events, so it couldn't have been better," expressed Haustein.

"All three contests were next-level, and I can not be happier with the podium and the overall victory. I'm super proud and grateful to be part of this. It's just so much fun!"

2019 Rapid Surf League | Final Rankings

1. Nicolas Marusa
2. Sebastian Steinbeck
3. Mario Hornung
4. Andreas Holzner
5. Daniel Brunnhuber

1. Laura Haustein
2. Janina Zeitler
3. Rosina Neuerer
4. Sophie Puchta
5. Valeska Schneider