Nikki Van Dijk makes fresh debut in the 2014 ASP Women's World Tour

December 11, 2013 | Surfing
Nikki Van Dijk: she has seen a shark

Nikki Van Dijk is the new 2014 ASP Women's World Tour recruit. At 19, the surfer from Phillip Island, Australia, is ready to impress.

Van Dijk is very young, but her experience goes far beyond her age. In 2012, she was crowned the ASP World Junior champion.

After two years improving her skills in the qualifying series, Nikki Van Dijk has the confidence and determination to enjoy a consistent season, among the world's best female surfers.

"I had just won the 6-Star Pantin Classic in Spain and I was literally standing on the Podium when they officially confirmed that I had qualified", says Van Dijk.

"It was such a surreal moment, I remember just smiling and looking out to the crowd with such a complete feeling. It was pretty much the best day ever!"

Her full-on debut on the 2014 ASP Women's World Tour will occur at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast, and Nikki has already set her goals.

"Definitely to learn. I cannot wait to just learn and take everything in next year, to grow as a surfer and grow as a person. I am so excited to surf the events and show everyone how I can surf and try to take it to the girls on top".

Nikki Van Dijk believes "girls are surfing so incredibly well right now it's just getting better and better". Meanwhile she will be training very hard at the Victorian Institute of Sport, and surfing at Phillip Island.