"Nix Nic Nooley," a punk surf movie by Toby Cregan

April 21, 2015 | Surfing
Nix Nic Nooley: surf punks in the house

Stop the madness. Punk filmmaker Toby Cregan delivers one of the craziest surf flicks of the decade.

"Nix Nic Nooley." The movie title says it all, right? And the storyline is quite clear. Year 2879: due to high levels of pollution the ocean has dried up, and the only way to surf is by time travel using a cybotactic head unit.

That's when Zilou and Bibilou - the only human beings interested in surfing - step in to change the course of the sport forever. Toby Cregan's creative mind makes sure you're entertained for a while.

Creed Mctaggart, Duncan McNicol, Beau Foster, Thom Pringle, Ellis Ericson, Ellis Ericson, Nate Tyler, Jay Davies, Andrew Mooney, Shaun Manners, Dion Agius are waiting for your feedback.

If you're one of those who loves surfing with a beer or two in the belly, then "Nix Nic Nooley" is the right surf movie. If not, take a look at our surf movie directory list.

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