Nixon Ultratide watch: check tide, time, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed

The Nixon Ultratide is an intelligent surf watch with real-time ocean data, coming in Spring 2015.

Check tide, time, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed, water, and air temperatures, as you put your wetsuit on and prepare to hit the water.

Nixon has partnered with Surfline to develop what the brand considers to be "the world's smartest and strongest surf watch of all time."

The Nixon Ultratide also features a 48-hour forecast for your favorite surf spots.

"For decades, tide watches could only use predicted information. Now we have the ability to see ten times more detail than any other watch," underlines said Chad DiNenna, co-founder of Nixon.

Surf reports will be available on your wrist.

The Nixon Ultratide can be synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth so that you get wave height updates and alerts for your favorite surf spots.

iOS and Android apps will help you manage your data.

The watch can also automatically locate the nearest surf spot to your current location, allowing you to pick a detailed or simple home screen view and change the font between black and white.

The Nixon Ultratide will retail at 280 euros (350 dollars). Is there a surfer watch revolution in the making?

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