NLand Surf Park: the Texan surf dream opens in spring 2016

October 1, 2015 | Surfing
NLand Surf Park: artificial waves in the heart of Austin

The NLand Surf Park, the first Wavegarden surf pool built in North America, will be the size of nine football fields.

The artificial wave park will open in Austin, Texas, during spring 2016. The man behind the landlocked surfing dream is Doug Coors, a surfer-engineer who has been one 15-year journey to find the ultimate man-made wave.

The NLand Surf Park is a giant project, and it will deliver three types of rollers: one-foot waves for beginner surfers, four-foot breakers for the intermediate rides, and six-foot tube surf for the advanced wave warriors.

Doug Coors: the Texan surfer-engineer behind NLand Surf Park

Surfers will be able to destroy the liquid walls for no less than 35 seconds. NLand Surf Park will pump 300 waves per hour, and they will never lose shape or power. Coors says his project will be the largest artificial wave lagoon in the entire planet.

The Texan surf pool will host competitions and multiple inland sports activities in sync with nature. A rainwater collection system will capture twice the amount of H2O the NLand Surf Park needs to pump waves.

Doug Coors has confirmed that admission ticket prices will be aligned with those found in a ski resort or winter sports park. The construction of the NLand Surf Park is underway a few minutes from Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

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