No waves in Portugal? Come back for free

October 16, 2012 | Surfing
Portuguese waves: surf is all around in 943 kilometres of coastline

The Portuguese Tourist Board have launched a marketing campaign promising a free come back trip to the country, if you don't find a surfable wave in your first four-day visit.

In waves, they trust. Turismo de Portugal - the official Portuguese Tourist Board - believe that the country has plenty of waves to offer, all year round, from North to South, from Madeira to the Azores islands.

"Our waves are legendary and so is our hospitality. We want to be sure you'll be happy. So, if (due to any mysterious reason) you don't get waves to surf, we'll offer you a come back trip", the campaign promises.

The unique deal shows the confidence of Portugal in the quality and consistency of surfing and waves in this Western European country bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, which offers 300 days of sun per year.

So, if you don't find at least half-meter waves, during four days and in 28 selected surf sports of the Portuguese coast, you'll get a new plane ticket and a new hotel stay.

The "Riding the Portuguese Waves" campaign is an invitation to surf the 180 surf peaks which have been identified to deliver quality swell, within a short distance. In six hours, surfers can drive from the North to South of Portugal, in non-stop highways.