Nobody saw Makua Rothman winning the Quiksilver Ceremonial 2015

May 1, 2015 | Surfing
Quiksilver Ceremonial 2015: who knows who's riding the wave?

Makua Rothman has conquered the Quiksilver Ceremonial 2015, in Chile. The first stop on the Big Wave Tour 2015/2016 was not broadcasted live by the World Surf League (WSL).

The Quiksilver Ceremonial at Punta de Lobos was surrounded by criticism from moment zero. In the absence of an official webcast, a group of local Chilean surfing fans decided to set up their own live stream. Minutes after going live, they were forced to suspend the online broadcast, and the social networks went wild.

"Dear friends: we are sorry to let you know that the WSL has forbidden us to broadcast the event online. We did a huge effort to bring you the event. However the organizers decided to shut us down," wrote Carlos Gallardo, from Via de Escape.

As a result, nobody saw the Quiksilver Ceremonial 2015, except for the locals who watched the event from up the cliffs. In social media, the Chilean surfing fans kept repeating and sharing the same idea: "it is unacceptable that the World Surf League keeps local citizens from filming or capturing live video in the territorial waters of Chile."

The Big Wave Tour 2015/2016 had the worst start it could have had, and it is unlikely that it will return to Punta de Lobos after what happened. And continuously promoting the incredible life story of Ramon Navarro is simply not enough to conquer the hearts of surf fans.

The contest itself was no longer interesting. The World Surf League disabled public comments on their official event corner, and the highlights were repetitive and pallid. On day one, twelve surfers made it to the semifinals.

On the second day of competition, Makua Rothman, Grant Baker, Cristian Merello, Ramon Navarro, Mark Mathews and Nic Lamb competed for glory in the thunderous break. The Hawaiian would prevail at Punto de Lobos.

The Quiksilver Ceremonial 2015 | Final

1. Makuakai Rothman (HAW), 24.29
2. Cristian Merello (CHL), 23,17
3. Ramon Navarro (CHL), 22.31
4. Nic Lamb (USA), 20.74
5. Grant Baker (ZAF), 19.79
6. Mark Mathews (AUS), 17.97

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