NSP Soulfiles to kick off in Klitmöller

July 18, 2008 | Surfing

NSP Soulfiles

The NSP Soulfiles is at the pinnacle of all northern surfers and windsurfers diaries, a legendary event. It has flown from the ashes of the Red Bull Soulwave and is now in its third year.

Combining forces with the smooth lay back atmosphere of the surfjoint the party will be even bigger and better than ever. Local guys fighting against pros like Victor Fernandez or Jonas Ceballos is something you have to see to believe.

Going against this big names brings out the best of everyone like local hero Lars Peterson said after his double front loop last year: "Man I did'nt knew that I can do this. It's my first attempt after a lot of years, whow."

Also on the surfing side there will be a lot to see. Brasillian breed Surfers against the rest of the world like the last two years? Or will Casper Steinfarth use his daily routine to get himself high on the podium?

Anyway, in longboarding, shortboarding and in the groms devision there is a brand new NSP or Southpoint board waiting for the winner. And this is for the girls, do not just stay on the beach, get out. If we will get more than four of you there will be a winner board for you, too.

The whole events starts on Wednesday the 27 of August with inscription at the NASA Houe beachfront Klitmøller. Let us know in which disciplines you like to start so it's more easy for us to plan the whole competition line up. Sanction fee is 45 Euros for the whole event. Of course you can start in more than one dicipline. The money has to be paid at the inscription.

Surf all day, party all night that much more than just a couple of words it's the soul of the upcoming NSP Soulfiles so stay tuned and pass along. If you not in the competition mode but like to get out on the ocean relax.

There will be the whole NSP, Southpoint, Simmer and Tekkno Sport Range on the beach for a free test ride. Just do not forget your passport for deposit. And your wetsuits, we are still in the Hawaii of the North.

Source: New Surf Project

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