Chris Bertish: South African big wave charger

"Ocean Driven" is a feature-length surf film about the life of Chris Bertish, a South African waterman and big wave surfer who has been challenging the most extreme ocean conditions.

Bertish is one of South Africa's highest-profile, big wave surfers and watermen. He is constantly pushing the envelope by pitting himself against mountains of water and entire oceans. He takes risks where no one else dares.

"Ocean Driven" is a tale of overcoming obstacles, your own fears and of dogged determination to never give up and lose sight of your dreams.

Francis Battaglia, Nadia Tarlow, Kristen Cashman, Sean Dewil, Silvin Morgan and Sandra Stokes are the filmmakers behind the first film ever made about Bertish.

"We will take this film further than previous surf documentaries, with unique style, intricate storyline, and special attention to details, drama, and messages along the way", explain the directors.

"We will explore the raw, rugged coastline of South Africa and the unique influence it has on the people who live there, and the way in which the environment shapes their lives".

The footage will showcase a mix of geographic locations and seascapes, from South Africa to Hawaii, from Fiji, to Easter Island, to Morocco. The story will be told with poetic and dramatic visual elements, state-of-the-art sound, and lush music.

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