Ocean Power Technologies develops wave energy in Hawaii

March 1, 2010 | Surfing
Ocean Power Buoy: Hawaii is pumping wave energy

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT), in association with the US Navy, is developing wave-powered energy through a buoy located in Hawaii.

The energy produced is enough to power 2-25 homes. The engineers will connect the buoy to the Marine Corps base's energy grid.

Each yellow buoy measures 16 meters in height and 4 meters in diameter.

In the future, wave power could provide 10% of the world's energy needs, although scientists estimate that if just 0.2% of wave power would be "caught," that would be enough for global consumption.

Hawaii was chosen because of its surf and swell conditions, but this is not the only example in the world.

An international consortium (Ocean Power Delivery, EDP, and Efacec) tested the first wave energy farm in an oceanic environment two years ago, five kilometers off the city of Povoa de Varzim in Portugal.