Olas X: Pat Millin and Skip McCullough tame Pascuales

An independent action sports filmmaker traveled to Mexico to shoot a short film on the interaction between surfing and technology.

Everything in "Olas X" is adorable. The choice of black and white, electronic music, and high-tech graphs add a technological element to the big waves of Pascuales.

The surf trip to Mexican waters resulted in an XXL surfing experience, with Pat Millin and Skip McCullough riding perfect left and right-hand caverns.

In fact, the crew was blessed by a hurricane swell, a violent surge of energy unleashing with all its splendor at this unruly beach break.

"The swell conditions were relentless for between 48 and 72 hours. We scored a massive swell. Consistent 25-to-35-foot sets were arriving from the horizon," explains Scott Nichols, the director of "Olas X."

The testing conditions didn't keep surfers on terra firma, but Millin was saying that "selecting the right waves was a game of cat and mouse."

"The surfers paddled into all of these waves - no tow-ins."

"The major setback was Pat ruptured one of his eardrums on a wave that caught him on his head. He powered through it, though."

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