Oney Anwar steals the Mentawai Pro 2013

April 28, 2013 | Surfing
Oney Anwer: pristine barrels at Lance's Right

Oney Anwar has taken out the Mentawai Pro 2013, in perfect 4-5 foot barreling Lance's Right, Indonesia.

Anwar defeated Garut Widiarta by a narrow margin - 16 points against 15.50 - in the final heat of the Mentawai Pro 2013.

"To win this event is so important to me. Garut is a really good surfer. We've been teammates for a long time and gone on a lot of trips together. The final just came down to who got the really good waves. I just feel really lucky right now", expresses Oney Anwar.

Widiarta, the lightning fast goofyfooter from Kuta Beach in Bali, was also very in form all day and certainly deserved his finals berth.

"I heard a lot of talk about how it was going to be a disadvantage for the goofies out at Lance's Right, but I felt like it was really good for me as a goofy going backside, especially when the tide gets low, you can really wind up and do some big hacks", he tells.

The 2013 Mentawai Pro was the first-ever Premium Grade Asian Surfing Championship event, and the first event of the 2013 tour season, with the top 16 ranked ASC surfers competing against eight international invitees.

A perfect start to the season in the world's surfing Mecca of the Mentawai Islands, this event has truly set the benchmark for quality waves in exotic locations.