"Osmo Thrombo:" A surf trip movie on acid

September 5, 2017 | Surfing
Osmo Thrombo: a trippy surfing voyage by Volcom

Volcom continues the exploration of surfing's bizarre an unorthodox side. Watch "Osmo Thrombo," a surf movie featuring Mitch Coleborn, Noa Deane, and Ozzie Wright.

The goal was to surf the idyllic wave Australia has to offer, but for logistical and weather reasons, the surf trio and their crew ended up in Indonesia territory.

After a long and exhausting van, ferry, and car trip, the boys find a slice of heaven in a shoulder-high mini barreling wave. The session left them starving, but the local coconuts had a strange impact in Ozzie.

"While at first funny and amusing, Ozzie soon became overwhelmed and needed some time alone. Ozzie's physical reaction subsided, but there was something odd about him from that day forward," the narrator says.

"It seemed like he knew something we didn't. He was uncommunicative and difficult to keep up with as he tried leading us somewhere that only he could see on the horizon."

The Indo surf trip continued. They pay a visit to the Tropical Beach Alien Communication Center - a scientific proof that extraterrestrial life is no acid voyage - and score a few more barrels along the way.

"Osmo Thrombo" is, de facto, a lo-fi B movie of hi-fi shredding. Enjoy it, but keep those coconuts away from your stomach.

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