"Ours" delivers historic night surfing session

September 6, 2011 | Surfing
Mark Mathews: this wave is 'Ours' | Photo: Robert Morris And Robert Gray/Daily Telegraph

"Ours", the big wave surf break discovered by the Bra Boys ten years ago, has been night surfed in astonishing conditions. Mark Mathews and Richie Vas dropped in 10-to-12 foot deep barrels with the help of the jet skis and floodlights.

The iconic Australian surfers were challenging the scary wave conditions at 2:30am, in front of a wall of rocks and a sharp reef. The right night to surf "Ours" is a combination of swell and wind. When the two variables meet positively, the "green cathedral" comes alive.

The remarkable night surfing session was filmed by Macario De Souza, a surf movie filmmaker, co-creator of the "Bra Boys" film. The footage captured at "Ours" will be part of the upcoming movie "Fighting Fear".

But it wasn't easy to setup the gear and equipment. The crew had to find the perfect forecast to get green light for the green drama.

The dark of the night also made things harder for the surfers, as Mathews and Vas were towing-in into the unknown. The wave could be perfect or a close out nightmare. Now, add the shark factor and you're done.

Fortunately, the historic night surfing session at "Ours" didn't leave any injuries. You can watch the "Fighting Fear" footage.