Outstanding surf scores at the SriLankan Airlines Pro

June 23, 2010 | Surfing

Austin Ware: solid as a wave

Right on cue a long range ground swell filled into the unique point break at Arugam Bay as many of the world’s top Association of Professional Surfers excelled in the perfection as quarter-finalists were decided in the SriLankan Airlines Pro.

For the fourth consecutive day wild-card surfer Julian Wilson (AUS) posted the highest heat win disposing of fellow Australia Adam Robertson in emphatic style.

When asked if he was possibly peaking too early Wilson was clear in his mind-set saying; “Not at all, I’m simply feeling more and more confident surfing this place – I now know the wave well and I really like it, it lines up superbly and I’m feeling great as we head into tomorrow’s final day – not over confident, but I’m ready.”

Wilson opened today’s heat with a near outstanding 8.93 to virtually shut the heat down on Robertson and his fast fluent style indeed looks ideally suited to this location.

Australian surfers have dominated the event to-date with 5 remaining in the final 8 along with Hodie Collazo (Spain), Nat Young (USA) and Austin Ware (USA).

The events number one seed Daniel Ross was the only surprise elimination today going down to Spain’s Collazo who selected better waves to comprehensively take the heat.

Nat Young and Austin Ware continue to impressively go about their business of winning heats and when Young isn’t surfing a heat he appears to be forever in the water honing his skills free surfing nearby breaks!

The closest heat today saw Drew Courtney ominously once again come from behind late in the heat to steal victory from Romain Cloitre (France).

“I’ve had a few close ones and it’s mainly because the waves haven’t really hit me early in the heats – hopefully I get that in synch tomorrow” said Courtney.

Tomorrow’s finals promise amazing action with forecasts indicating a peak in this swell combined with ideal winds in what has been an amazing event so-far!

Round of 16 Results:

1. Hodie Collazo (12.00 SPAIN) Def Daniel Ross (4.03 AUS)
2. Nat Young (11.33 USA) def Chris Friend (11.00 AUS)
3. Austin Ware (12.76 USA)Def Ricky Basnett (11.44STH AFRICA)
4. Jayke Sharpe (13.84 AUS) V Dede Suryana (8.17INDONESIA)
5. Julian Wilson (16.44 AUS) V Adam Robertson (6.55AUS)
6. Rhys Bombacci (13.33AUS) V Dion Atkinson (7.66 AUS)
7. Drew Courtney (12.50 AUS) V Romain Cloitre (12.27 FRANCE)
8. Davey Cathels (AUS) Def Mason Ho (HAWAII)

Quarter Finals Draw

1. Hodie Collazo V Nat Young
2. Austin Ware V Jayke Sharpe
3. Julian Wilson V Rhys Bombacci
4. Drew Courtney V Davey Cathels

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