"Over The Falls" is the new arcade surfing game for the iPhone

January 12, 2010 | Surfing

Over The Falls is the new arcade surfing game for the iPhone

"Over the Falls" is the latest surfing game for the iPhone / iPodTouch and takes you on an epic journey through colorful locations - from graceful Long Boarding, through wave-tricks & big-aerial stunts, to high-octane barrel-riding as seen through the Surfer’s eyes.

On your way to becoming a Surf legend you will master the Take-Off, blend Surfing-with-Style, Tube-Time, BIG-Air and Acrobatics to complete a large number of challenges and earn credits (plus the respect of your peers).

Spend your credits with the ‘Shaper’ where you can design (and upgrade) your Surfboard. Changing the template, shape, fin assignment and graphics will radically alter dynamic of the board in the water, allowing you to get just the right combination of speed, carving and stability you will need to progress.

The game runs in a full 3D environment and employs slow-motion and action cameras to give a cinematic experience. Both Male and Female characters are included. The game is also loaded with information on the top surf locations from around the world (courtesy of surfatlas.com) and on the evolution of the Surfboard.

This is not a Surfing simulation as such, the emphasis here is on fun, so expect devastating, over-the-falls, wipe-outs, expect to pull off loads of hyper-real board-tricks, (grabs, flips, handstands, head-spins and hang-10’s, etc.), expect an authentic 60’s Surf Music soundtrack... Oh, and expect shark infested water too!

This game starts slow to ease you in, but gets really fast. As such it uses the touch-screen (rather than the accelerometer) as a control system - this puts the action at your fingertips and you in direct control of the board with the fastest reaction time - you will need it.

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