Paige Hareb: the first Kiwi girl to qualify for the Women's WCT

Paige Hareb makes history as she secures a spot in the 2009 Women’s World Championship Tour.

The powerful 18-year-old placed 7th overall on the WQS ratings and had to anxiously await the final results of the Roxy Pro at Sunset Beach to confirm which WCT girls had re-qualified and whether that meant a place for Paige on tour.

"Yesterday, I was really nervous as I knew Silvana had to place well for me to be guaranteed a spot. It's just great to finally hear it's official now, and I'm on," an excited Paige said.

As the first female Kiwi ever to make the tour, Paige was unsurprisingly ecstatic after celebrating her official qualification, “The news hasn't completely sunk in yet but I am really looking forward to next year, I am proud to be the first Kiwi girl to qualify for the WCT,” Paige said.

Paige’s success on the WQS wasn’t her original focus, as she was committed to the junior series with a few WQS events thrown in to gain experience.

However, after placing 5th at Phillip Island and 1st in Margaret River, Paige made the decision to keep going, and the rest, as they say, is history.

"My realistic goal was to qualify for 2010. So, to qualify this year was a complete surprise! I would never have thought this would happen so soon"

Paige will now compete in the Billabong Pro Maui as a wildcard, a perfect opportunity to compete against the girls that she will come up against next year with no expectations or pressure.

"I'm really excited to be a part of the Maui event. Being a wildcard I have nothing to lose and it will be a great experience to surf against those girls".

This rising Billabong star will be one to watch in her rookie year, kicking off with the first event on the Gold Coast next February.

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