One of the Palm Beach boys, acclaimed big wave charger Ryan Hipwood

Palm Beach Boardriders will be hosting a 40th reunion night at Elevations restaurant on Tallebudgera Creek on Saturday night, the 6th of June. Doors open at 5.30 pm. Come dressed up in your best flairs and turtleneck shirts with prizes for the best dressed, 60s’ & 70s’ theme.

Tickets are available at the door and include drinks and finger food and a night of entertainment with “GAS band” and well-known comedian Steve Allison being the MC for the night.

Steve will be supported by Lindsay Webb, who is currently one of the funniest guys on the comedy club circuit.

The unveiling of the 40-year “honor board” will be the “show stopper” of the night. The honor board is a celebration of the efforts of past club committee members and club champions.

Palm Beach Boardriders was formed in the mid-1960s but did not have a true identity until affiliating with the Australian Surfing Association of Queensland ASAQ in 1969.

The Palmy lads were well known as being the club to beat in the early years of Queensland club surfing in the ’70s.

The club had regular friendly “stoushes” with many clubs from that era, such as Kirra, Windansea, and Manly Pacific.

The regular trips away were seen as the guiding force in developing the team spirit that most rival clubs have since found difficult to overcome.

Since the conception of the Palm Beach Boardriders, the club and its members have developed a deep sense of history and pride over the last 40 years.

There have been many highlights throughout the club years, with good results in many major teams’ events and the formation of the clubhouse in the early ’80s.

The Allstars Sports Club is Palmy's home base and is situated on the sports fields on 19th Avenue.

In 2004, the Gold Coast City Council proposed a series of submerged, artificial break walls under the disguise of artificial surfing reefs along 3 km of Palm Beach.

Palm Beach Boardriders was instrumental to the success of challenging the proposed artificial reefs and the proposals were withdrawn in 2005.

The current crop of Palmy lad’s, includes big wave charger Ryan Hipwood and Aerial specialist, and WQS competitor Dru Adler.

Dru Adler is the current club champion and is looking to clinch a third successive Open championship this year.

Source: Surfing Australia

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