The Surfer: an arcade PC surfing game

"The Surfer" is the newest PC surfing game released by Bungarra Software.

Almost ten years after the launch of "Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer" for PlayStation2, an Australian software house decided to develop "The Surfer," a challenge with three separate sections: single-player, Pro Tour, and multiplayer mode.

The surfing game developers promise "high-speed momentum-based surfing with big carves and air tricks on incredible waves from around the globe."

"The Surfer" is an arcade surf experience featuring real surfing physics with a true-to-life feel and sense of control. Is there a PlayStation 3 version coming out? Maybe.

You can physically pump up and down the wave to build up momentum and then score big, purely as a result of the speed generated from the wave.

Discover waves that genuinely tube, and decide how your surfer looks, feels, and rides.

Want to learn how to surf?

The in-game comprehensive tutorial condenses 25 years' worth of surfing experience down to about 15 minutes. If you love big wave surfing, test the tow-in option.

A demo of "The Surfer" is already available for free download, but the full game can be yours for $14.99. Surf game developers may improve the game with future upgrades and corrections. It would be great.

If you still don't own "The Surfer," enjoy a complete set of free online surfing games. Learn more about the history of surfing games.

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