Papoa: an alternative to Supertubos in big wave surfing days

The fishing town of Peniche has unveiled a new big wave surf spot. Meet Papoa, a perfect, giant right-hander located between Supertubos and Baleal.

The wave is breaking in front of a large cliff. Surfers, take a look. Is it possible to hit it during Winter Storm Hercules? Maybe tomorrow. Surfers wait 24 hours.

Papoa is an islet located in the Portuguese town of Peniche.

The place has been known for a long time because it is open to the most frequent Atlantic swells. Bodyboarders have ridden it; surfers have tasted its potential.

Supertubos, being the most famous of the surrounding waves, can't handle extra large surf. If you want to ride giants above the 10-foot mark, you must travel to Praia do Norte, in Nazaré.

The secret to big wave surfing in Papoa has been disclosed. A group of Portuguese and international big wave riders met the beast during the "Black Swell" in early January 2014.

António Silva, Ramon Laureano, Sérgio Cosme, Joana Andrade, Eric Rebiere, Everaldo Pato, David Langer, and Sebastien Steudtner gave it a go and filmed "Mission Papoa".

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