Perfect waves mark the 2009 South American Beach Games

December 10, 2009 | Surfing

Rafael Pereira at the 2009 South American Beach Games

The perfect 4 to 6 foot waves of Montoya beach along with the best surfers of the region made an amazing first day for the historic Surfing event of the 1st South American Beach Games. The 36 surfers from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela surfed 20 high performance heats giving the best of their abilities looking forward to the medals.

The day started with great barreling rights and lefts, allowing the surfers to reach excellent scores. ISA Junior World Champion, Jadson André (BRA) set the standard, posting the highest combined score of the day, 16.17, and the highest single wave score, 9.00.

His fellow countryman, Alejo Muniz, also an ISA World Junior Champion was another standout, showing great display of power surfing, scored a high 15.50 in his Main Event Round 2 match-up.

Muniz, who came yesterday from Hawaii, after being named the Rookie of the Triple Crown of Surfing said after the heat: “I’m happy about my performance today, I was able to show how I surf, specially on the second heat. It is great to be in the semifinals now. I was feeling a little tired, but my board is working, the waves are perfect and I was able to do my job.”

Regarding the fact of being part of this history-making event, the Brazilian said: “For me representing my country is one of the most important things I can do. The commitment is so strong that if I had to leave the WQS event I was surfing and I wasn’t able to make it here I wouldn’t have surfed the quarterfinals and fly out of there to come. Being here for Brazil is amazing for me.”

The other four Open Men surfers that made it through to the Main Event semifinals were: Luis Iturria (URU), Maximiliano Siri (ARG), Rafael Pereira (VEN) and Javier Swayne (PER).

Swayne took advantage of his great backhand approach and won the two heats he entered. “I felt comfortable with the waves in my heats, in the morning it was easier to find the open faces,” said the Peruvian. “It is really special for me to represent my country each time I get the chance to do it. In ISA, PASA and in this event the vibe is different, is beautiful to have your team support, not like when you surf in a WQS or other professional event.”

On the ladies side, Peru stole the show with their two representatives, Analí Gómez and Valeria Solé, making it to the Main Event Final. Brazilian Camila Cassia and Ecuadorian Dominic Barona will join them. Gómez was the surfer of the day in the division, posting the two highest combined scores in each round, 10.44 and 10.67.

The event continues tomorrow at 8:00, the forecast shows another morning of barrels and perfect waves with the onshore wind coming by midday. All the surfers will go to the water, including the first round of the Aloha Cup. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.