Peru ready for ISA Surfing World Masters

March 19, 2008 | Surfing

ISA Masters

After a long 43 year wait, the traditional surfing nation of Peru will be hosting, for the second time in history, a world surfing contest - the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship. The event will be held from March 29 to April 5, in the perfect waves of Punta Rocas.

In 1965, Peruvians held the 2nd World Surfing Championship and, with the local ripper Felipe Pomar winning the second World Champion title in surfing history, the locals claimed their victory. This time, they want to do it again in their waves and with their best surfers.

After a series of four trials, the Peruvian team is formed the following way:

Roberto Meza
José “Titi” De Col

Grand Master
Magoo de la Rosa
Rodrigo Villarán

José Carlos de Tramontana
Jorge Posso

Big Kahunas
Paco del Castillo

Damas Master
Rocío Larrañaga

Team Manager
Karin Sierralta

Last year’s World Champion in the Grand Master division and seven-time Peruvian Champ, Magoo de la Rosa, will be in Punta Rocas, a wave he knows really well, looking for a back to back Gold Medal. National Champs José de Col, Roberto Meza and Rocío Larrañaga will be also representing Peru in the Masters.

Team Manager Karin Sierralta, is happy about having the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship at his home and is also confident in the upcoming event, saying: “We’ve had contests every weekend in the last weeks, so I think that the team is in a great shape, physically and mentally. The pressure is strong but all of the surfers have a lot of experience. We’re looking forward to placing third or better. Of course we want to win and we know we can, but let’s take it one step at the time.” 

According to Sierralta, being a local is a strong advantage: “Almost all of the over 30 year old surfers here have Punta Rocas as their favourite break, so they know every secret about the wave. It is also a place that goes along really well with the Peruvian surfing style; clean and powerful. We’re hoping to take advantage of the best swells. With waves over 10 feet, all these surfers feel really comfortable.” 

Peru placed fourth in the first edition of the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship, obtaining one Gold Medal –Magoo de la Rosa in the Grand Masters division- and one Silver Medal –Javier Huarcaya in the Kahunas division. As locals and considering their previous results, they’re always favourites.

Source: ISA

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