Peter Harris: still surfing after all these 31 years

Peter Harris returned to professional surfing, as a wildcard of the Breaka Burleigh Pro, 31 years after he the 1980 Stubbies Classic.

At that time, Harris caused a major surprise when he defeated Dane Kealoha, from Hawaii, in the grand final.

Today, the same man and surfer enjoyed the opportunity to remember those crazy times and surfed a fun heat demonstrating he still has a smooth flowing style.

He was one of the most popular competitors of the event with both fans and media alike.

"I had fun, I love surfing and surf here as much as I can and have enjoyed coming back to this great event. Surfing today is way more advanced and it's great to watch and be a part of. I'm grateful to have come and surfed here today", said Peter Harris.

Meanwhile, defending event champion Taj Burrow has sent a warning shot as day-three saw performance levels go through the roof.

"I felt great out there. The waves are high performance and my surfboards feel right as well as my overall fitness. I'd love to win this event again, it's a great venue and the field is top quality and the waves are good. Everything we want from a good surf event" said Burrow.

A clean 1m swell ran down the iconic point-break of Burleigh Heads with the likes Jeremy Flores, Josh Kerr, local Jay ‘Bottle’ Thompson and of course defending champion Taj Burrow displaying a full repertoire of modern surfing as thousands of spectators enjoyed the action from the natural amphitheatre on the headland.

Burrow spearheaded the top seeds’ in the event, posting a massive combined two-wave heat total of 17.17 (out of a possible 20) including two eight-point-plus rides advancing to the Round of 32 along with second place Mitch Crews (14.17) and eliminating Nathan Webster (11.54) and Kaito Ohashi (10.27) who finished third and fourth respectively.

In 2010, Breaka Flavoured Milk returned professional surfing to its spiritual home of Burleigh Heads after almost a 10-year hiatus from the iconic surfing venue.

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