Peter Mel crowned Big Wave World Tour champion

April 6, 2012 | Surfing
Peter Mel: not afraid of higher lips

The Big Wave World Tour has just concluded its third successful season and will be crowning Big Wave World Tour champion, Peter Mel, later this month.

The season started out strong at the extremely consistent big wave spot Punta de Lobos, Chile, home of the Quiksilver Ceremonial. The contest was held under sunny skies, perfect offshore winds and flawless 40+ft waves.

The second stop on the tour, Billabong Pico Alto Invitacional, was held at the famed Peruvian Big Wave Spot, in clean and consistent 35-40ft waves.

The seemingly endless walls allowed legendary big wave rider, Peter Mel, to carve himself all the way to the final, impressing the judges enough on his final wave to ensure his first world tour win. Immediately following his victory, fellow Quiksilver rider, Kelly Slater tweeted, ”It’s about time Pete.”

With La Nina in full affect for the North Pacific season, bad winds and small swells prevailed. The Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic (Lincoln City, Oregon, USA) and The Peligroso at Todos Santos (Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico) were unable to find suitable conditions to run their respected events.

Peter Mel’s semi final berth in Chile and his win in Peru catapulted him to the top of the ratings and the World Title race.

"Although we were unable to hold our two events in the Northern Hemisphere, Peter Mel our newly crowned Champion did a spectacular job representing the Region. His high performance approach on both the giant lefts of Chile and the long rights of Peru significantly raised the level of Big Wave surfing".

"The respect he has earned from his peers throughout his career will be echoed around the World as we rejoice in the crowning of this extremely deserving Champion", says Gary Linden, Tour Director.

The 2012/2013 BWWT season has official commenced with the holding period for the Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile, Punta de Lobos (April 1st - May 31st).