Peter Mel wins 2011 Billabong Pico Alto

August 12, 2011 | Surfing
Peter Mel: sweet victory

Big wave surfer Peter Mel has conquered the 2011 Billabong Pico Alto, in Peru. The US rider confirms his first Big Wave World Tour (BWWT) victory in giant 45-foot waves.

Top international surfers from South Africa, Australia, United States, Chile, Dominican Republic, Portugal and Brazil converged on Pico Alto with 48 hours notice to compete along side the top Peruvian big wave surfers.

"My mentor, Richard Schmidt, came to Peru in the early 80’s and he told me about this great big wave. I have dreamed about surfing Pico Alto. Today, I feel really proud to have won my first Big Wave World Tour event here in Peru", said Peter Mel.

The Peruvian monster break pumped adrenaline for the competitors and spectators alike. Ben Wilkinson took command of the heat early, with two excellent scoring waves. Ben’s aggressive approach and progressive power surfing gave him an edge in the extreme conditions.

Legendary standout Peter Mel also started strong with a solid 9 point ride and waited until the closing minutes of the final to over take Wilkinson and secure his first big wave victory. Other finalists included Felipe Cesarano, Joao De Macedo, Jamie Sterling and Kodiac Semch.

Billabong Pico Alto 2011 | Results

1. Peter Mel (USA)
2. Ben Wilkinson (Australia)
3. Felipe Cesarano (Brazil)
4. Joao De Macedo (Portugal)
5. Jamie Sterling (Hawaii)
6. Kodiak Semsch (Peru)