Photographing "365 Surfboards" into a book

February 14, 2013 | Surfing
Surfboards: they have magic stories

Benjamin Marcus is making a photographic chronology of the history of surfboards, from reed boats in Peru and old Hawaii to the modern sticks.

"365 Surfboards: Portraits of Shapers, Collectors, Quivers" will feature the images of old and new surfboards, with short explanations for each plank and setting a evolutionary line from past to present.

Matt Warshaw, Gerry Lopez, Greg Noll, Dale Webster, Jeff Clark, Wingnut, Chris Malloy, Bruce Brown, Chris Malloy have already shown their favourite surfboards to the camera lens.

Fernando Aguerre, the president of the International Surfing Association, took the snapshot with his Obama'08 surfboard.

Lucia Griggi, a surf photographer, is collecting the portraits and rarities. The "365 Surfboards" photo book will be published by MVP Books.

Expect planks, olos, kookboxes, hot curls, balsas, Malibu chips, fiberglass and resin, the early shortboards, thrusters and the return to alaia and hulls.

Learn how to shape the surfboard of your life.