Perfect Holiday: Playmobil surfer getting pitted with jet ski assist

Simple things in life make us happy. "Perfect Holiday" is a beautiful surf movie made with Playmobil toys and directed by Karim Rejeb.

The concept is minimal yet complex. The entire Playmobil surf film tells the story of a group of surfers traveling in a surf van in search of big waves and outstanding stunts.

"Perfect Holiday" features a series of photographic shots that are later animated to give the viewer a continuous sense of action.

Details are perfect, and even the white water is simulated with cotton and bed sheets.

Playmobil surfers are very cool and have great surfing skills.

After traveling and crossing the dunes of the world, the surf van parks, and all gear is prepared for an unforgettable surf session.

Getting Playmobarreled

The characters ride all types of waves. There are right and left-handers, tubular waves, and small and big wave rides.

The Playmobil surfers perform flawless off-the-lip tricks, aerials, cut-back moves, floaters, and vertical go-for-it attempts.

Girls and boys from the Playmobil world also get towed into huge barrels with jet ski support. The classic photographer's boat is also there to capture the best waves and the worst wipe-outs.

"Perfect Holiday" shares the true spirit of surfing in only two minutes and 31 seconds. Now, the challenge for Karim Rejeb is to prepare a longer and improved Playmobil surf movie.

Watch the incredible "Perfect Holiday" film.

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