Polish surfers discover the Bobr River wave

May 16, 2013 | Surfing
Bobr River: surfing in Poland's static wave | Photo: Pawel Oska

In Poland, a local surfing community has discovered waves in the Bobr River. It only pumps waves a few days per year, but it's better than nothing.

"It's fast, very fast. At least it's good that we have a lot of duct tape".

Polish surfers are hardcore fans of wave riding. If they find a roller, they grab their cold water wetsuits and go for it, even if their surfboards have to suffer.

The Bobr is a river that runs through the Czech Republic and Poland.

When the temperatures increase, or heavy rain falls, the river water melts, and waves are brought to life near Brunow in southwest Poland.

Surfing time in the Bobr River means skills, technique... and a rope. The river flow is strong, and the most powerful legs are not enough to keep standing up for a long time.

Staying low seems to be the secret. Nevertheless, improvements have been made.

Polish surfers Lukasz Konski, Janek Korycki (surfers), and Jakub Hankiewicz (kayaker) are getting better, and the Bobr River will certainly become an alternative to the famous Eisbach River wave in Munich, Germany.

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