Portugal conquers the Eurosurf 2017

October 16, 2017 | Surfing
Eurosurf 2017: Portuguese won four European titles | Photo: FPS

Portugal has taken out the Eurosurf 2017, at Jaeren's Bore Beach, in Norway.

Despite the cold air and water temperatures, the southern European surfing team was able to conquer four of the five titles on offer. Eleven nations battling it out for medals in Nordic waters.

Daniel Fonseca (Men's Bodyboarding), Teresa Padrela (Women's Bodyboarding), Carol Henrique (Women's Surfing), and João Dantas (Longboard) won gold medals and helped put the Portuguese flag on the top of the rankings.

The only European title that Portugal was not able to secure was in Men's Surfing. Jay Quinn, from Wales, is the new European champion, but Tomás Fernandes and Eduardo Fernandes were still able to collect silver and bronze, respectively.

"It's amazing. We had the goal to reconquer the title lost in 2011 in Ireland, the last time we brought the title to Portugal. We wanted to be European champions."

"We have four more individual titles, so we are really happy. All the efforts of the past two weeks were amazing. They were incredible, so now it's time to celebrate. The secret? I can't tell you."

The Eurosurf is an event organized by the European Surfing Federation, the entity that represents the International Surfing Association (ISA) in the Old Continent.

The first ever Eurosurf took place in Jersey, in 1969.

Eurosurf 2017 | Finals

Men's Surfing
1. Jay Quinn (WAL) 13.84
2. Tomás Fernandes (POR) 13.53
3. Eduardo Fernandes (POR) 10.84
4. Gearoid McDaid (IRE) 8.04

Women's Surfing
1. Carol Henrique (POR) 11.77
2. Lilly von Treuenfels (GER) 9.17
3. Mafalda Lopes (POR) 8.1
4. Giada Legati (ITA) 5.86

Men's Bodyboarding
1. Daniel Fonseca (POR) 17.66
2. Shane Meehan (IRE) 8.54
3. Genesio Ludovisi (ITA) 7.70
4. Josh Christopherson (SCO) 7.03

Women's Bodyboarding
1. Teresa Padrela (POR) 10.90
2. Ashleigh Smith (IRE) 8.33
3. Gabrielle Taylor (CIS) 3.67
4. Valentia Vittale (ITA) 2.77

1. João Dantas (POR) 9.94
2. Mattia Fabbri (ITA) 7.60
3. Robert Storm (DEN) 6.17
4. Andrew Kilfeather (IRE) 5.00