Prepare to design your own artificial surfing wave

October 25, 2012 | Surfing
Perfect Swell: the future of artificial wave surfing

Can you imagine selecting your favorite wave type with an iPad? Mushy or hollow, small or big. American Wave Machines is launching "Perfect Swell", the next generation of artificial wave pools. The first park opens in Russia, in 2014.

Moving the water in the chamber. American Wave Machines, one of the first companies to develop  and market artificial wave parks, is planning a completely new approach to generating traveling man-made waves.

"Perfect Swell" will deliver two-to-six foot waves that can be easily adjusted and customized to fit any surfer's dream. A large wave on a small pool may be ridden for 10 seconds.

The reflective wave generator technology is capable of producing 10 large waves per minute, which means a wave every 6 seconds. Every wave may be unique, designed by any surfer.

The size, shape and patterns of waves are all adjustable. Just hit one button and prepare for point break type peeling waves, left and right-handers, peak sets or a barrel into a peak close-out.

The recommended installation area is 35,000 square feet, but a larger pool will get bigger wave options and results."Perfect Swell" is an air-powered system designed to create the complete push-pull wave form, typically found in scientific applications.

The "Perfect Swell Colosseum" model promises total control of peel angle and wave patterns. Endless six-foot waves will be a reality, in any part of the world.

American Wave Machines will be installing "Perfect Swell" in the Sheksna Resort, in Sochi, Russia. The 35,000 square foot artificial wave pool will be equipped with sophisticated computer controls modulating wave shape, ride duration, frequency and energy efficiency.

"Perfect Swell completely changes the economics of surf parks. We're ramping up to deploy systems worldwide including in the resurgent US market", says Bruce McFarland, president of American Wave Machines.

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