Prince William goes surfing at the bachelor party

April 26, 2011 | Surfing
Prince William in 2004: hurry up, Kate is waiting for dinner

Married, but still a surfer. Prince William of Wales will enter a new period in his life. After marrying Kate Middleton, he won't have much time available to hit the waves of Cornwall, the British surfing capital.

The elder son of Prince Charles is an avid sportsman.

He enjoys playing polo and is an Aston Villa FC fan, but he has already tasted the sweet feeling of riding waves on a surfboard.

It is now public that Prince William's stag weekend was a complete party.

The secret celebration was held at an undisclosed location. Harry planned his brother's stag do with 20 other close friends.

In the Southwest of England, William is believed to have gone surfing, racing speedboats, and water-skiing.

The Prince was seen paddling out in Speke's Mill, Devon. Local surfers confirm he may not be a future surfing champion, despite having tried surfing for a few times.

The 28-year-old monarch had already surfed the cold waves of St Andrews when he was studying in Scotland.

At the time, Prince William was accused of dropping in his colleagues and friends.

"There's no noise. It's just you breathing. You're in a different world with the fish", he said in 2004.

With less time to improve his surfing skills, William of Wales will surely be missed in the British lineups.