Jean da Silva: a joyful and skilled surfer | Photo: Morigo/WSL

Brazilian pro surfer Jean da Silva has passed away. The 32-year-old surfer from Joinville was found lifeless in his residence.

In 2006, Da Silva finished third at the World Junior Surfing Championship, and four years later, he won the Brazilian Surfing Championships.

He was the first surfer from the Santa Catarina state to be crowned national champion.

Da Silva claimed three Qualifying Series (QS) events in Fernando de Noronha, Virginia Beach, and Cascais. He was a joyful, serene, and introspective human being.

In April 2017, Jean da Silva secured third place at the Krui Pro in Indonesia.

He was a seasoned QS campaigner, and in 2012, he finished 32nd and came close to joining the Championship Tour (CT).

Jean da Silva started riding waves in Praia da Picama at the age of seven when he got a bodyboard. Less than three years later, the goofy footer was already a skillful surfer.

Jean da Silva: he finished third at the 2017 Krui Pro | Photo: Hain/WSL

The pro surfing community is in a state of shock and disbelief. Tributes and condolences have been pouring in from all over the world.

"Jean, I do not know what to say in this moment of pain. You were you were one of the guys that most drew my evolution in the amateur phase. A surfer of body and soul. Rest in Peace," said Adriano de Souza.

"He had a special nickname for each one of us. In my memories, you will always be smiling. Rest in peace 'Jeanbush.' And may God comfort the hearts of your family members," added Miguel Pupo.

The official cause of death has not yet been officially announced.

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