Pro surfers confirmed in the SurfAid Cup 2014

March 7, 2014 | Surfing
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Travis Logie, CJ Hobgood, Bede Durbidge, Adrian Buchan, Kai Otton, Laura Enever and Tom Whitaker will compete at the SurfAid Cup 2014, in Margaret River, Western Australia.

The third edition of the SurfAid Cup will have eight surfing teams aiming to raise $40,000, the 6th April 2014, at Surfers Point.

This year the eight competing teams are: MadFish Wines, Caporn Young, CineAds, HSF aka The "Bar" Boys, Macquarie WA, Property Construction, Margaret River Wineries and Grace Farm's Finest.

The SurfAid Cup is a tag-team style event with four surfers per team, plus one pro/legend surfer from the selection pool. The teams get to choose a pro surfer in order of their team's fundraising results and the team that raises the most wins the SurfAid Cup fundraising trophy.

"It's a great event to be part of, with a bunch of highly competitive people having fun surfing with their mates and a pro/legend surfer - even the Best Wipeout Award is sought after," says Lyle Banks, chairman of WA SurfAid Ambassadors.

The CineAds team is the defending two-time surfing champions and Caporn Young won the fundraising trophy last year by raising more than $42,000, a record for the SurfAid Cup which is also held in Sydney and Newcastle in Australia, and Malibu in California, USA.

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