Pro surfing circus has new competition rules

January 24, 2012 | Surfing
Ocean Beach: it looks like Supertubos

The deactivation of the midyear rotation, the reset of the ASP World Title Rankings and ASP World Rankings and changes to the ASP Prime format and points’ allocation are the newest adjustments made by the ASP Board of Directors to the ASP World Tour and ASP World Rankings for the 2012 season.

"Our commitment is to make the most exciting, successful and relevant tour and we feel that these changes showcase the world’s best talent and continue to provide opportunities for young talent on the rise," Pat O’Connell, Hurley VP of Sports Marketing and ASP Board Member, said.

The goal is to provide clear pathway towards ASP Top 34 Qualification.

"These changes are a step in the right direction considering the removal of the midyear rotation for 2012, and are in keeping with the World Tours evolution over the past few years," Kieren Perrow, ASP Top 34 competitor and surfers’ representative, said.

"They will provide a clearer and more achievable path for the surfers trying to qualify into the Top 34, and continue our goal of improving the sport for the world’s best surfers. It will be exciting to see how this year unfolds, as the level of talent has never been higher."

The qualifiers for 2013 ASP Top 34 will consist of:

Top 22 from 2012 ASP World Title Rankings
Top 10 from 2012 ASP World Rankings (those who haven’t already qualified in the above)
Two ASP wildcards

ASP Top 34 surfers will only be allowed to count their best 3 results in ASP World Title events on their respective ASP World Rankings.

In the new ASP Prime format, there has been an increase in Equal 9th from four per event to eight per events at 2,400 points. This increase in opportunity will allow for more surfers to record consequential results at ASP Prime events.

The points for Equal 17th place at ASP Prime events have been increased from 1,034 to 1,300 – and for Equal 5th from 3,120 to 3,320.

In the specific case of 5th place finishers it will increase its value since there are double the amount of chances to get a 9th with the new ASP Prime format. This will further assist in closing the current points’ gap. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.